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We have our annual shut-down starting on Sunday, September 14.  The maintenance and production departments of EEA have a tremendous amount of work that needs to be completed prior to shut-down and during shut-down.  Our receiving capabilities will be limited during this time as we will be completely commissioning our corn expansion project. 


EEA will be closed for corn receiving on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14. 

EEA will be open for DRY corn (16.0% and below) Monday, September 15 and Tuesday, September 16 from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

We are tentatively planning on being ready for wet corn and dry corn on Wednesday, September 17.   


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Due to overwhelming demand and dryer that expected corn, we will be making the following changes to our wet corn progam effective Thursday, September 11th, 2014.

All bushels contracted under the previous program will be under the previous program terms.  This policy is for new commitments.    


Free price later will end.  All unsold corn will be put on price later when received.  The first ten days will be free.  If the bushels are not sold after ten days, price later fees will accumulate starting the date of delivery at a rate of $0.00167/bushel/day (approximately $0.05/bushel/month).  


The maximum moisture allowed will be moved down to 22.0%, with any corn above 22.0% shrunk at 4.0% per point.  Anything below 22.0% will be shrunk at 1.5% per point to 15.0% moisture. 

2014 Wet Corn Program--2

Subject to Change without Notice

Effective September 11, 2014


The Wet Corn Program will start on September 11, 2014 and end when we secure adequate commitments for our operations. 


Previously contracted bushels cannot be applied to the Wet Corn Program.  Bushels committed to this program must be new commitments to E Energy Adams, LLC. 


Loads will need to be scheduled on a daily basis as we have limited drying capacity.    


If a delivery time frame is committed to via a basis contract or a flat price contract and the delivery time frame is missed by the committed party, a $0.10/bushel late delivery charge will be applied.  


Grain title will pass to E Energy Adams, LLC at the time of delivery on all corn.   


All corn delivered will be applied to contract on a first in, first out basis. 


All unsold corn will be put on price later when received.  The first ten days will be free.  If the bushels are not sold after ten days, price later fees will accumulate starting the date of delivery at a rate of $0.00167/bushel/day (approximately $0.05/bushel/month).   


Corn Moisture, Corn Grading and Price Later charges will be done on a load by load basis. 


Moisture:         15.0% is considered dry basis for cash grain and price later grain.

1.5% shrink per point from 15.0% to 22.0% moisture (only shrinking out the water).

4.0% shrink per point above 22.0% moisture. 

                        25.0% moisture or above is subject to rejection.    


Test Weight:     45# is no discount      

                        $0.02/bushel discount per point below 45.0.  

                        Below 45.0 is subject to rejection


Damage:          5% or less is no discount

                        $0.025/bushel per point above 5%.

                                    All damage above 5.0% is subject to rejection


Material:          3.0% is allowed

                        FM above 3.0% will be shrunk by weight to 3.0%

                        FM above 3.0% is subject to rejection




Terms:                         National Grain and Feed Trade Rules to Apply

                        Musty, Sour, Heating, Hot, COFO, and infested is subject to $0.10/bushel

                        discount and is subject to rejection depending on condition of grain

                        A $7.00/load inspection will be charged on each load








E Energy Adams, LLC
Mission Statement:

Our goal is to use locally grown grains to produce an environmentally friendly fuel which will add value to the local economy while generating profits for both our investor owners and area grain and livestock producers.

E Energy Adams, LLC was organized as a limited liability company on March 25, 2005 for the purpose of developing, building, and operating a nameplate 50 million gallon dry mill ethanol plant in southeast Nebraska. Our public company received SEC clearance in May 2006. We are a locally owned company consisting of nearly 800 investor owners. Dirt excavation work began in July of ‘06, followed by Fagen, Inc. mobilizing on site for start of construction on August 14th, 2006. We successfully completed construction and began operations in October 2007.

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