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EEA Hours Monday - Friday 7am to 7 pm, Saturday 7:30 am to 6pm, and Sunday Noon to 6pm. Weather permitting. Any early closing will be sent out through email and text messages. Please go to corn bids page and sign up for text messages. Thanks.

E Energy Adams, LLC Mission Statement:

Our goal is to use locally grown grains to produce an environmentally friendly fuel which will add value to the local economy while generating profits for both our investor owners and area grain and livestock producers.

E Energy Adams, LLC was organized as a limited liability company on March 25, 2005 for the purpose of developing, building, and operating a nameplate 50 million gallon dry mill ethanol plant in southeast Nebraska. Our public company received SEC clearance in May 2006. We are a locally owned company consisting of nearly 800 investor owners. Dirt excavation work began in July of ‘06, followed by Fagen, Inc. mobilizing on site for start of construction on August 14th, 2006. We successfully completed construction and began operations in October 2007.

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